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Why waste time thinking hard about making simple decisions? Picker Wheel can make that easy for you with just a few simple steps. It is a customizable wheel where you can add your options and choices and get your results after spinning the wheel like the Yes No Wheel. It is easy to use and is suitable for everyone who seeks to make a decision instantly.

What is a Picker Wheel 

All our lives we make decisions, either complex or simple. Sometimes even simple decisions, like whether to hand out or not, watch a movie or not, can be hard. You may find yourself overwhelmed by these simple tasks. Therefore, to make your life easy, PickerWheel.net has introduced a wheel of names or numbers that allows you to make decisions quickly and thoroughly.

Picker Wheel is an online tool where you can put multiple inputs, spin, and get instant results. It is different from other decision-making tools due to its feature of customization. Instead of getting negative and positive affirmations, you will get your decision based on what you put in the inputs. You can also choose the number of entries that you wish to add.

With Picker custom Wheel your chosen option will be unbiased due to randomness. All the options have equal chances of getting selected so there is no personal subjectivity. Although it is good to make simple decisions, it might not be good to make complex decisions that require critical thinking. Otherwise, it is a great tool to make decisions when you face a creative block. So, now you don’t have to think much about the place to choose for dinner or your vacation destination. Simply put your desired options and spin the wheel to get your answer.

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Features of Picker Wheel


The results withdrawn from the spinner wheel are random. So if you have four options to choose from, every option will have an equal chance of getting selected, that is every choice will have a 25 percent chance. No matter how many inputs you add each will have an equal chance.

Customisation in Random Wheel Spinner

You can customize the wheel by adding the random names of your choice. This allows for personalized decision-making instead of generalized.

Bias-free – Spin the Wheel and let it decide

As all the inputs have an equal chance of getting chosen, the results will be unbiased and free of subjective context.

Color and design

You can change the color and design of the random name picker spinner according to your choice. This feature makes decision-making more fun as you choose your favorite colors instead of a boring layout.

Benefits of Picker Wheel Spinner

  • The wheel picker is an efficient way to make decisions. So, instead of wasting your time and resources on the traditional way of picking options you can get your answers in seconds. Traditional methods such as petal plucking, and lot drawing require physical means and therefore are not energy efficient.
  • Fair and unbiased: due to the randomness it can be trusted as a fair means to withdraw a choice.
  • Motivates to make a decision: due to its simplicity and quick procedure it prompts decision-making without fatigue.
  • Its collaborative feature allows making connections with your friends and share your decisions.

How to use the Random Picker Wheel

  • Once you are here on this site, choose your random inputs and add them using the + sign.
  • Use the customization or edit option for color and layout selection.
  • You can change the number of entries.
  • Click on “spin” to spin the wheel after you have added all the inputs.
  • Your results will be displayed shortly.
  • You can choose to save the file or share it with others.

Who uses a Spin Picker Wheel?

The Picker generator is designed for anyone who wants to make the decision-making process easy and is used by a wide range of individuals.

  • Teachers can use this tool to randomly select students for class participation, assignments, and projects. It is beneficial to them since it promotes fairness.
  • Content creators can also use this tool to generate content ideas or choose a participant from a giveaway.
  • It can be used by friends who want to decide on dinner places, vacation destinations, or other activities.
  • Event planners can also take advantage of this tool when selecting seating arrangements and determining other activities.

In short, it is used by anyone who looks for simplicity when making decisions. Any individual can use it for their personal or work-related purposes. So, let the wheel decide for you. 

Limitations of Spinner Wheel

  • It has limited control from the users and you will have to accept the decision whatever it provides you at the end. It is not affected by a personal context.
  • As it simplifies the decision-making process, users may find themselves over-reliant on this tool. This can cause creative block and users will stop thinking critically.
  • It may have limited applicability in some cases which require more discussion, judgment, and deliberation.
  • It can make you dependent on technology and sometimes when you don’t have access to the technology you will find yourself in trouble while decision making.

While this tool proves to be a great way of making choices, you must understand its potential limitations and use it mindfully.


Picker Wheel is an online tool that provides the simplest way to make a choice when you are overwhelmed with decision-making. Once you add all the inputs, tap on “spin” and the wheel will spin and stop after some time. It will give a result that is random and fair. You will not have to think a lot about the decision-making process as it gives instant results. It can be used by teachers, friends, event planners, and even content creators to simplify their decision process. Although it lacks subjective context it is a fair means of decision-making and saves a lot of time.